How Do You Make A Million Dollars in One Year

Is it possible for someone to go from broke financially and earn one million dollars in one year? The answer is absolutely yes. The real question is why some do and others don’t? The purpose of the website is to post stories, ideas, opinions and theories on how to do just that. That includes stories on how others did.

I have my own thoughts on how to do this. The quickest way for people to go from zero to seven in one year is for that person to have already made theirs millions. They may have lost it all but what they possess is the millionaire mindset. It is not possible for a person that has a mindset of mediocrity to earn, not win, a million dollars. Mediocrity does not build focus, drive, vision and work ethic.

There are people that will tell you that you could take everything away from them, dump them in the streets of an unknown city with just the clothes on their body, and with the principles they have learned they could make a million dollars in one year. That is astounding.

Qualities that most millionaires have are leadership. In almost all cases a millionaire makes their money with the help of other people. In most successful business models the utilization of people is necessary. One of the obvious attributes you must possess then is leadership. Is leadership something that you are born with or learn? Fortunately it is something we can learn. So learn it. Leaders are readers of self help books.

I can not stress this enough. If you want to make major changes in your life it is imperative that you work on your leadership skills. Leadership is the single most important skill of the 21st Century. The world economy is in turmoil. Old business systems are becoming extinct. Companies have found ways to conduct business with minimal use of people. Thousands of jobs are not coming back. In the United States it feels more like a depression rather than a recession.

The good news is that we are experiencing  the largest economic shift in human history. In 2010 there were 10,000,000 millionaires world-wide. It is expected to more than double by 2020. What can you do to be one of the 20,000,000+ millionaires? Get some skills. Make leadership your biggest priority. Why is this important? Because you need people to lead and help you with your idea or business.

48 thoughts on “How Do You Make A Million Dollars in One Year

  1. Jesse Martinez

    What comes to mind when I hear “there must be more to life than living from paycheck to paycheck” is that we were given wrong information in regards to earning a living. Some people do get lucky getting higher education. After thousands of dollars of debt they do manage to pay that debt back. If they have a ridiculously high paying career they normally do quite well.

    I really do believe that folks that do the 4 years of higher education and work for 40 years so that they can retire on 40% of the income they couldn’t live off of in the first place were misinformed. The up side of getting a college degree is that it demonstrates an ability to follow through. Financial success requires energy and follow through.

    Most financially successful people use leverage to achieve their financial freedom. They leverage other people so that they have more hours in their day. Everybody has at least 24 hours in their day. Some in business have more hours in their day to generate money. How many people do you think Bill Gates employs? Do the math. If 90,000 employees worked 8 hours a day for you that would be 720,000 hours of work that could be used to generate money. 720,000 hours equals 82.4 years of work that could be accomplished in a single 8 hour period. Regardless of how much you paid your employees, if you earned 25 cents more then you paid out for every hour worked you would generate $180,000 in an eight hour period.

    That is an extreme example of leverage but it is real. Leverage is the key.

    1. jesse


      What do you like to do? Just do that and figure out how to get people to pay you for it. The idea isn’t what makes the millions. It’s the person.

  2. William

    4th March 2013 – My name is William. I’m 17 years old, and I wish that my parents were both millionaires.
    Or that I can become a millionaire… My life is boring and pretty sad, I don’t have many friends and I don’t know people that are able to help me with anything, and most of all I live in a country were you can NeveR become a millionaire by studying. I will need to work forever and even then I won’t be even close to being a millionaire. That’s the most annoying thing that’s on my mind, I study, I go to school but I will never live in a big house or have a nice car. I need to move to USA the land of unlimited possibilities.

    Sometimes Luck is all you need to be happy.

    1. Felix

      I’m like 14 and you can consider me one of the poorest kids of the country. My family roughly earns an income of $13.5 K a year. We just live in a rented house which is very far from a town or a city. Even talking about education, I will never get good education. My grades are just a bit more than average and I study all the time. Imagine how it would be to be a millionaire! I don’t even have a computer, the one I am using is a one in my school. Parents (both of them) work day and night. Really, I need luck, that’s the only hope I have. Only one hope, the Jackpot. That’s the thing that can change my life. Even that, I don’t even have money to buy a ticket.

    2. Melanie

      Matt, I live in the US and although most call it the land of opportunity, it is, but it’s all about who you know for the opportunity to arise. I am a single mother of 2, I work full time, and go to school part time and although it pains me to hear your circumstance, it kind of made to content to learn that I am not the only person that is in that kind of situation. I don’t have a lot of friends either and I don’t hardly know anyone that can help me get further faster in life, but by the grace of God I have the gift of extreme perseverance and endurance. Now I’m not going to lie, the fact that I don’t have enough money to get by and the fact that all this hard work I’m doing has not yet paid off and I’m seeing all these people around me that are having opportunities and money (or even just the good life) just handed to them….it pisses me off because 7 times out of 10 they are not putting half as much effort into trying to make a better living as I am, and I feel like I am just being passed by the wayside and it’s a very annoying and depressing feeling, so I COMPLETELY understand. I am going to take further steps and starts reading self-help books on how to increase and build my leadership and follow through skills. I’ve also realized that I need to socialize and network more because that is also the key to success: Not only is it what you know, but it is mainly WHO you know! Best of luck to you and should you ever become a millionaire……remember me! lol

    3. mike

      Why does everyone assume lets go to america and get rich quick. Im 21 and have lived here my whole life. I am currently stuck in a dead end job making $8/ hr and getting 20 hours a week. Just because your not in the usa doesnt mean you have less of chance to get rich. Oppurtunity is every where. Go out and find it. To be honest america isnt that great any way. The whole country is built on lies and greed.

  3. Cody

    I’m now 28 have two kids and just going through life. I tried to make it big and failed. I started to live on my own really young because my dad died when I was 16 and my mom left when I was two. Even when I was 16 working I didn’t care about money, and I still don’t care about money, I could care less if I was a millionaire. But at the same time I wish I was so I could live my life with my kids instead of working two jobs. I have been working 2 jobs since i was 18. I have friends but no life. I’m finally tired. Someone out there HELP me.

    1. jesse

      Just start small, use what Jessica said above. Start leveraging what you do have to make more. Money isn’t this all great and powerful thing. It’s a tool made out of paper. Use the tool in the proper way and it’ll bring the results you want. Experience is key and the only way to get that is to fail and keep going.

    2. Sébastien

      Hold on man ! Breathe and stay calm.
      Take your kids on long walks in the outdoors, and write every day in a small book.
      Eventually, even if it takes sacrifice, leave one of the two jobs.
      Do it ! Come on !
      Sébastien from France
      * Have a sip of good red or rosé wine once in a while.

      1. Alicia sullivan

        Sebastian, what a sweet positive comment. I still have faith in humanity when I see comments like these. P.s. Totally agree with the wine advice a nice French Bordeaux can make things look a whole lot better.

    3. Paul

      Cody, it is not where and how you starts out in life that matters. The key question to answer in life is how ready are you for what you expect to happen. You are very capable; just build your capacity and u will see life respond favourably. God loves you and so do I. Best deals ever!

  4. Marvin

    I don’t know much about business, But I do know about the snow ball method. Start out with maybe $100.00. Save if you have to in order to get that much money. Start a buying and selling business after you get about 5k. Then start buying things that are more expensive like used cars at a good price. When you are successful in that then get into Real Estate and any other kind of business that can make you big money. Never have tried it so we will see if it works. Wish me luck!

    - Mr. Ward

  5. OzBattler

    interesting proposals to make millionaires…
    I aint one but in 10 years will be 61. Been a school teacher now for 17 years and started with zilch in the bank when this career started and now have a house and quarter million in super plus a small investment amount. Nope, I am not rich but I am single so can save what I dont spend and I invest the rest with a good financial planner. Sure, would love to be a millionaire and with all my numbers I am technically half way there right now.
    My point? Work hard, be honest, save wisely and spend wisely, get good advice and dont be stupid with what you already have. OR…Win the lotto!
    Sure, a good business idea helps but remember…you need regular clients or a bucket of luck!

  6. Bryan chan

    Presently I working & jumping from company to company but I still don’t see my money & saving is still zero. Credit card bills need to settle every month. Just like work to pay, I really wanted to get out from here to make more money in my life. Someone out there could help me… How to start & where to start… Help!!!

  7. GreenIvy

    My parents are going broke and I want to help them. Is there any possible and simple way to earn a million dollars? A million dollars would be enough to last us until I graduate from university and dental school. Please help!

  8. Chris

    Want to make millions? Well, the odds of you making a million dollars are about 1 in 190 which isn’t really that bad but, you will have to go around and beat 189 people in a great position good luck…

  9. max

    My ex wife made me a millionaire.
    I had around 2.5 million prior to the divorce
    and 1 million the year after.

  10. Brian


    My interpretation of this “wishing” mindset is that the problem associated with it is that we are taught to make a wish and magically it may come true. We however are not taught to create a dream and drive it with passion and commitment . If you are passionate about something then you will never quit. I believe that most people leaving comments do have thd ability to live their dream life but you MUST take the right steps and stck to the laws of success.
    I am slowly coming out of crippling debt through hard work hour by hour. This is thd only way I have known but it is NOT my mindset any longer. I will be living my dream life within two years. This is my goal this is my passion and this Is my commitment .


  11. Anwar

    I am living Bangladesh, i want to earn millions dollar, i am not more educated, i have some money about 1k dollar, please know me some idea how possible?

    1. Athan C. Ndv

      Anwar, hello there.

      We live in a world with full of opportunities, But the low percent of the mind we use to do things, to catch an opportunity from its hair etc, doesn’t help us… First of all be realistic of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!Be realistic of When do u want it and then create a plan in a papper to help u reach your goals, Be in a good mood always. Stop thinking about “How i’m Gonna PAY this, i have no money”, the only result of these considerations is that u confirm to your self, your problem. Nothing changed right?
      Im not a Milionaire, Recent, i started with a Company with a Big Dream,Very good earnings, I have a way for u “to be Millionaire”. If u need more information about this, Reply me back

      Sorry for my Bad English =(
      Best Regards

  12. Rogan

    Its ironic when people say that they need help or they have no way to make it happen.

    That is the reason why you will never ever be a millionare!!!!!!!!!!!



  13. Daniel

    Many of us miss the point & broader picture of becoming &/or being a millionaire. It really is a lifestyle & attitude. If you have poor thoughts, habits & attitudes there’s a good chance that you will be poor. I guess what I’m saying is that it starts inside, in the heart & mind. I’m not there “YET”… # wise, but my confidence of becoming a millionaire & my optimistic look at life everyday makes me feel very wealthy everyday. Anybody can become a millionaire & more & more of us are becoming millionaires everyday. Good Luck Guys ;-) & stay in + spirits.

  14. Dwight

    I am not wealthy by any means and have decided that the time is now, and beginning from where you are is the first step. Don’t make excuses, those will hold you back. Read two books first, “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Magic of Thinking Big” to develop the Millionaires Mindset as mentioned above. Now think for a minute….what do you know or do extremely well? Are others selling or trading this information for money? Why not you. Information is the easiest because your inventory is in your head! A piece of paper or booklet or on a word document maybe you create. In the USA there are over 300 million in population. Multiply that times only .2% and you then earn maybe $3 from each of those via a piece of information you sell on the World Wide Web using Paypal as you medium of payment = $1,800,000!
    Now imagine only half of that as profit. $900,000! Will this change your lifestyle a bit? Help you pay off your debt? Put a child through college? Take a vacation or fund your retirement or give you seed capital to start yet another business? Remember the “Pet Rock?” Within 90 days the creator made over $750,000!!!! Com’on folks! Really? What about that crazy “Chia Pet plant”. Still around isn’t it, and we laugh but the creator is laughing all the way to the bank….still. Quit quitting on your ideas and step up to the plate and put it into action. Action gets results, not complaining of making excuses. I started a website that I told a friend to do a year ago and he is now just taking the action to promote his. He has started it a year ago folks!!! He is selling information at a wonderful pricepoint and imagine a year ago had he took action where he might be. I just started mines last week, June 20th, 2012, let me report where I am 3 months from now and then a year from now and let’s see. Be creative and then put some action to it. What are you going to do??????

  15. Shaun

    I am starting a Financial Services Company and I see myself getting more than a Million within the next 5 Years. For you guys here are some tips:
    1 – Dream Big
    2 – Decide how much $$$ you want it
    3 – Decide the time frame (be realistic)
    4 – Work it beck-words (if you want a Million in 5 years, it comes down to 200K pa and 50K per quarter, 4k per week and 580 per day.
    5 – Now look at the options available to you Job, business, and the services you can provide
    6 – Do something you Love and good at – Money will follow
    7 – Lean additional skills that will help you earn more
    8 – monitor your progress
    9 – adjust your plan (stop whats not working and do more, that is working)
    10 – make sure you do more than 2 things every day that will get you close to your goal before you go to bed

    All the best!

  16. arun varma

    i am from india ,i am of19 years i completed my 12 standard ,my lover is going to do medicine in america but i dint have that much money to go study with her,i feel bad that why i dint born in an millionare family so that i can go study with her,

  17. Tom Chris

    Like seriously it is too hard to become a millionaire , life has become too expensive these days. With a week in week out living routine forget it this is how the system is set out so we keep working for longer years. This is not life this modern day slavery, it is the way they want us to live.

  18. Jacob

    Vision is never enough. The more I look around the more I am becoming aware that making money has less to do with you and more to do with people.

    I am considering taking my focus away from how I can make money and onto how I can make others money.

    Having a company like McDonald’s whose revenues boast absurd figures can do so through the power of marketing and an incredibly large workforce. Most of us think this is how business works, and on some level it is true.

    But the more I think about how big business works the more I see how it does not apply to small business.

    Challenge yourself to think about your employees as you might have wanted to be treated. How can you make them profitable for themselves with enough left over to provide for you– while growing your customer base and scaling your work force and profit.

    You can no more create a product and hope it generates business than you can just hire someone and hope they make you money.

    The article here presented puts a focus on leadership. Too often I have seen people willing to lead without first understanding who follows them. The lessons in both leverage and fairness cannot be earned from a throne. They are earned by learning about desire. Drugs, prostitution and banking all share the biggest motivators in people’s lives. They are: pleasure, love and security. Most of us see these in the darkest of ways and fir good reason- everything about them is ugly but they never run out of customers. I think business starts where honesty begins, the good and bad in people.

  19. Josh

    Work on being, with whom you are, you will have.
    T.L Osborne

    It all begins with you changing you. With information.

    Then you look for a human need and reachout to meet that need.

  20. Jonathan

    You know what!?, Thank you to all the people here who says Yes it is possible, follow your dreams, dream big and get other people to help “employs” “investors ” whoever and take it day by day. The one thing I am afraid of is the future and what could happen, but all of you have just helped me look past all that and now I can say I’M ON MY WAY TO BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE!!!! Thank you all for the advice!!!!

  21. Pratik

    It was a wonderful article. Really made me think . I’m gonna go sell my laptop tomorrow , and start a micro level business i have thought of . Someday it’ll be millions. The point is, i now want to start doing something , instead of thinking about it and doing nothing . So thanks .

  22. Eddie edd

    I think we can all help eachother become millionares, and im confident that one day I will become a Millionaire.
    I made 100K in one year just by selling my ideas online, my goal is biggrr now.
    But you cant do it alone, you need many many people.

  23. Joseph Katane

    The only thing that I wish to have is one million dollars in a year. The thing is I dont know how to make that. Im still at university doing my bsc but I cant wait for ever to finish degree and go hunt for the job again. I want possible things.

  24. Mike

    im 20, and i earn 63.8k a year… i have saved and i am eager to invest but i dont know in what, id like to know some advice about how and in what to invest. Im tired of working for others instead of working for myself, i just would like to have financial freedom.

  25. Jabu

    Dream, think, plan and act!
    That’s it… If your thoughts are not acted out, you’ll never move an inch.

    If all of you (myself included) gave 10 dollars each to me… I’ll be close to making my first million… Lol

    Maybe we can then send the dollars back to each other over time. How’s that?

  26. Mans Drive

    Nice article.

    There are some things all you Wanna Have a Million guys should know.

    1. If your life now is boring , your life will not suddenly become a great adventure if you have that money.
    2. Life is one big race. If you have “No idea how to get it”…guess what. You will lose the race.
    3. Each and every animal knows that he needs to fulfill his needs: Shelter, Food, Sex, Survival. And each of these can be achieved by hard work and a bit of luck. Because at the end of every day: A lion is only invinsible until the hunter decides to shoot it.

    Same goes for mankind. We have other “Hunters” that will keep you away from our dreams. Yet the biggest mistake you can make is to sit and think. Dont think too much, get out there and create motion!

  27. Alex

    I am going to be a millionaire one day I just know it. I may not be in the land of opportunities but I have ideas, education, personality, and connections. This is the mentality you people need to have to make it. Telling us your sad life story only shows how hopeless your lives really are.

  28. Deepak Chabriya

    You can not be millioner in your life if you beg for help. You are not different than a street beggar if you beg for help.

    Believe in hardwork, have a patience for years over years, work day and night literally day and night, run behind your dreams and if you enjoying doing this ….sure you will millionaire, otherwise go on on street and beg and some other day someone will give a million dollars ;)

    Stop wasting your time and start working on your dreams.

    1. Josh

      Goodluck Deepak! In my opinion you have the right idea :) I worked for 36 hours straight once when starting out in my own business, then I went home slept for maybe 5 hours & worked another 15 straight, slept for maybe 10 hours then worked another 25 hours straight. That almost broke me as it was after a year of 80 weeks an I was already tired. Ever since then things have gotten easier, I only work 50 or so hours a week now but I know that I did that & I know I will do it again if I have to. Hard times build strength of character & being able to remind myself of some of the battles I have already conquered when another arrises only makes it easier. You gotta fight for right to party!!!!

  29. Donny

    Not enough can be said about the power of networking, not only can you learn a tremendous amount of knowledge by simply asking someone successful about there triumphs and tragedies but you literally are who you hang around with, that should be your motivating force for wanting to find successful friends. Someone once told me “why do you look for successful people and then court there friendship…?” like this was a bad thing, because I wanted to be successful like they were!
    In my twenties I hung around with a group of guys who were only concerned with getting “laid,” for us, myself included, we didn’t care about having nice things we only wanted to look the part in order to have one night stands, right down to fake Breitling watches, what a bunch of losers. I found myself 24 years old, broke, no college education, living in a house with three other guys, and working at Polo Ralph Lauren, for the discount of course, I made roughly 12,500 a year true story.
    I decided I wanted to meet new successful friends, while folding clothes at Polo I noticed a young guy in a suite and I noticed he drove up in a BMW he looked about my age, I began a conversation with him and found out he worked as a bail bondsman, which sounded a hell of a lot better then folding clothes at the time, I asked him if I could meet him for a drink sometime because I had always been interested in that profession, truth is I didn’t even know what the hell the job entailed, I only knew that you might be able to afford a suit and BMW. I met him a week later bought him several drinks called a few girls I knew who “just so happened” to meet us out and found out he was the manager of the Bail company and I had a new job as a bail bondsman the next day. my life has played out in these instances ever since only because I pursue meeting new people, genuinely make it a point to become interested in what they’re interests are and benefit from the relationship.
    A quick recap since age 24, I am now married with a daughter and am 31, from Bail Bondsman found out from my aunt who was a Purchasing Manager at a Hospital that Medical Device Reps made good money, had her introduce me to an older guy who was a Regional Manager I asked him if I could shadow him for a few days with no compensation only because I had always admired Medical Reps because of there expertise “I didn’t know what they did, ” he agreed I kept in touch and when a position opened up I was now a Medical Sales rep and made around 50k with no college education, only 4% in Med have no degree, I was 26. I continued to meet new people and my circle became smaller but everyone was doing something with there lives, through a cascading unfortunate series of events I left Med Sales for a short while, but continued to study Biology on my own after finding it fascinating from working in Device Sales. I finally relentlessly pursued a position with one of the major players in Medical Device, Stryker, for a year straight I emailed, interviewed, networked with anyone I could find who had a connection to this company and started a position with Stryker I made 80k that year I was 29. Real quick, at 30 I met a very interesting individual who had been in the Med Sales scene for over ten years I quickly found things we had in common and we became friends for almost a year I never asked him how he made so much money but I could tell by the way he carried himself he had, he eventually let me in on diversifying and how to work with different companies who paid larger commissions and since I had built relationships now with many Surgeons I took his advice, I made 160k at 30. Now 31 Im on track to make 300k this year, im not bragging I only hope that this inspires someone who didn’t have enough money for college, like myself, who may have grown up in a ghetto, like myself, where your words were all you had and you had to talk your way into and through every situation. I haven’t made a million yet but I can assure you I will very soon my friends. Keep pushing you are who you say you are and you are a champion now hang around with others of the same mind set so you can benefit from each other.

  30. Ben

    Hey all,

    A lot of what I have read throughout the comments are people trying to find a way to get rich quick, the first thing you need to work on is you. It’s the same theory as weight loss, If you don’t see yourself as skinnier and have the dream of losing weight you will never get there. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities and have pure confidence in who you are, self help books are the perfect for this because they teach you how to condition your mind to focusing on where you want to be and how you will get there.

    Your the key to success there’s no point in saying I work twice as hard as the next guy and don’t get anywhere unless you find out what that person is doing to get there, use them as a mentor to help direct you on your path to financial freedom. Don’t fall for traps with company’s like mlms that promise long term results, be your own entrepreneur and make your millions.

    Setting goals is one of the most important step but the most important is taking action, if you want to improve on yourself write down in a journal my goal is:, write why your doing it and who it will effect. To make it more real and personal.
    For example:
    My goal: work on my confidence within myself
    How?: read this book this book an this book, go out and meet people.
    Who?: I will reach this goal for my parents or kids to give them a better life.

    Put this on your screen saver on your phone or somewhere that you look everyday multiple times and make it real.

    The biggest step in all this is to TAKE ACTION. Don’t give up at the first sign of a problem, fix it and move on.

    I’m in Australia and I’m 23 years old. I left school in year 10 and became a diesel mechanic, after completing my apprenticeship I was in a motorcycle accident that stopped me from working.
    I went to a call centre where in 1 year I was promoted 4 times and now lead a team of 130 staff, many might not see this as much but 1 year 2 months ago I thought I could never result to anything now I’m currently making more money then a lot of people and also on my way to opening my own company purely because I knew that I can do this and believed in my ability.

    Goodluck with your journeys I wish you all the best and just remember no matter where you are there’s opportunities.

    And a quick tip, there are many ways to get information if you can’t afford it look for it elsewhere.

  31. kodestr

    After reading all these great ideas , they all seem so familiar.
    We all talk about leadershp, hard work,
    knowing theres more we can do but dont………the question is how do we use all these ideas to create something ourselves!
    We all share the same ideas why not invest in that?
    think about it… lets use our ideas for profitable gain ! …….. and not just another post on some dieting webpage!?

  32. Jason

    There is plenty of thing you can get million dollar or even close. It’s simple. The first key you have to do is ENJOY YOUR LIFE as it is. Try not to thing what, how, when. Always happy and think positive. It really work for me. These are the steps:

    1) Make sure you have a suitable life and work that you like. Of course make sure your salary is above $40,000 at least (around $50,000 will help normal financial life). Again make sure the job didn’t give you so much stress. This is the one of the first key. After tax maybe around $45,000.

    2) Try to think what you want to do apart of job salary you have. Something like hobby. Something it will not be around the market before. Example if you do science, it will give you great help. Because I do myself have Science background. Look for military or government projects. Again apart of your daily jobs. Because It really happen to me this past few years. I got $500,000 from government project from the funding. It’s not close to million, but effective for first few steps. This is already tax.

    3) Buy house and don’t rent. Because investment is also part of thing you can get close enough to million dollar. Let say if you buy $300,00 house, in the next few years it will increase up to $800,00 to $900,000. Sell it after meet the satisfactory price. If you get $900,000 then you earn $500,000. After tax, let say $450,000.

    4) Again, enjoy your life but be smart. Do go to Casino. I know this steps is a bit silly, but it will help you get the some decent money. Of course it’s luck. If you study Science, you will know all strategy and method and even tricks. But again limit your money, play for fun, and just put it as extra fun money. I won $200,000 jackpot when I played in Casino. (just tips: do not play on table. Just play on Pokies). Again it can’t guarantee to get, but think positive and for fun only. No tax for this money.

    5) Do join some business but in other countries. I joined venture open some chips snack factory in Asia. Only 20% as a shareholder and owner. But I got around $100,000 every year. This is already been tax.

    SO CONCLUSION: in the first year I already earn $1,295,000. I officially become millionaire easily. I know that the regular money I got yearly probably I only earn from normal salary plus the business around money around $145,000. But I already safe 1 million for the first year. Who knows what come out in the future.

    So yeah, hope this tips will help you out how to get million dollar. Again be happy, enjoy your life, think positive, are the keys of all this.


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