How to Make a Million Dollars in a Year

The follow was taken from an old 2008 eHow article titled “How to Make a Million Dollars in a Year”

The first suggestion was to sell products. The premise was if you could sell 500 pieces of your product at $10 each to 200 stores or sources over the course of a year you will have made one million dollars. I personally am not a fan of this because this is an old business model that requires inventory and warehousing. It is also very labor intensive so it is very likely that hiring employees would be a must. I would rather be on the affiliate end where I would get paid a commission for referring business. They do the physical work and I do the mental work.

The second suggestion was real estate. Wasn’t 2008 the collapse of real estate? I think that this can still be done however being that I know very little about real estate it would take me a year to learning how to do it. Some examples were to rent several apartments (hundreds) at a 20% mark-up or flip houses for a profit of $20,000 each. Do 50 and you have made your million. In 2012 is it even possible to flip five?

The third suggestion was to land a role in a major motion picture! Hmmm… I wonder how many other people want to be movie stars. Here again for someone to consider this, they better have many years of training and probable good looks unless you want to play a villain. Simply put negotiate a contract for $1 million with a major movie house or do 50 commercials for $20,000 each. This is probably the least likely way that someone could make a million in one year.

The last one makes the most sense in regards to the masses. Write a book. A 200 page book can be written in three months. By selling 100,000 books at $20 each you could earn $1 million out of the $2 million generated.

Here were their suggestions. Contact Bowker. Go through the process of getting your (ISBN) International Standard Book Number. Market your book through your website. Submit press releases through distribution services such as eReleases, PRWeb and Business Wire. Do speaking engagements at colleges, universities, libraries, conferences and seminars. Sign and sell your books after every speaking event.

Do you have a better idea? Let us know.

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