Monthly Archives: October 2012

Change Your Mind Make a Million

Recent scientific studies show that our minds are mold-able. The old adage that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks is not true in regard to the human mind. Neuroplasticity refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses which are due to changes in behavior. Old science believed that our minds were in a constant static state. New scientific studies now indicate that our minds are mold-able and therefore can be changed for the better or for the worse.

Since 95 percent or more of the population has been bombarded with negative input it is no wonder that this population does not experience ridiculous success. Like a computer if we take in negative input we will have negative output.

I contend that those people that have been raised in an atmosphere of positive praise, where anything is possible, are the two percent that achieve incredible feats. Whether it is a physical world record breaking achievement or financial gain, their minds are different. Because outside influences create who we are, the older we are the more time it may take to reverse our major self doubt. Success breads success. You see countless examples of this.

Think about it. If you were raised in an environment where your parents had characteristics of extreme optimism, confidence, faith, work ethic, self knowledge, financial success. Wouldn’t you believe you could do the same? It is like a species, the species of the unsuccessful and the successful. So how does the species of the average and ordinary break out of this pattern?  It may be by blind luck. They have to discover that they have a problem. That could come from a chance encounter from a caring individual or stumbling across important information.

Here is the question I pose. Is it possible for someone up in age that falls in the average category to transform mentally and accumulate a million dollars in one year? If so what mental activity and disciplines could they implement to achieve this goal?  Your thoughts would be welcome.